Fall of the Dragon Prince
Fall of the Dragon Prince

Fall of the Dragon Prince


The Forgotten Heirs Trilogy


378 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Paperback, $17.99 (US $17.99) (CA $20.99)

Publication Date: February 2017

ISBN 9781631630866

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The first novel in the Forgotten Heirs Trilogy

Toran joined the five realms and tied their destinies to the survival of his secret heirs. But the king is now dead and his enemies gather. Reann, a serving girl and self-appointed librarian of Toran's estate, has a chance to unravel the greatest mystery in the realm. On the other side of the kingdom, Terith and the other dragon riders fight to stop the invasion that would mean the fall of the empire. In this cross-country dragon race, Terith faces a black-hearted traitor with even darker purposes, to win the kingdom and the heart of the woman he loves. One rider will fall; one fate will rise.


"A riveting book full of action, suspense and romance that may keep readers up way past their normal bed times." —Elizabeth Reed, Deseret News

Author Biography

Dan Allen is a newly discovered fantasy and sci-fi author. He is chief technology officer at a tech startup, a father, and husband to his drummer-artist wife. Fall of the Dragon Prince is the first novel in Dan's epic fantasy trilogy The Forgotten Heirs. He has designed lasers for the government and sensors for cell phones, lit a three-story electron accelerator on fire, chased a flying stool across a high magnetic field zone, and created nanoparticles in a radioactive lab. He lives in the mountain west, where the desert touches the mountains and the sky.